Group widgets together so it's easier to move them around the audience console

What are you trying to do? (Detailed description)
Whenever I need to move widgets around the audience console and I have maybe an image with text that will accompany it, I always have to move the 2 items separately and then work again to align them neatly. I would love to have the ability to group widgets together (like you can with images) and move them together around the audience console instead of separately.

What is the challenge you’re experiencing?
Moving widgets around in the audience console that are correlated, like an image with text, can be a pain sometimes. If I decide to move 1 widget, I then have to move the other and arrange them again neatly. While this doesn’t take too much time, it’s a pain to move them, then ctrl select them both, and then select the align option that I want

Do you have a workaround that you use right now?
I will move both widgets close to each other, then ctrl select them both, and select the align option that I want

Would definitely be in favour of grouped widgets too!